Great Floridian 2/3 IRON - October21, 2017

This is the longest race I have attemped yet. Overall my training had gone as well as i could have hoped so ready or not, here we go!

I stood on the beach looking out at the buoys which always look so far away! This swim was 2 loops of a 0.8 mile course. It was a mass start so everyone doing the 2/3 distance started together and just like that we were off into the dark red water! Apparently the water is red due to the tree leaves falling in to the lake. Our wave started at 8:30 so trying to sight was rough as it seemed like I was trying to look into the glaring sun. Not much else i can say about the swim except you know when a lifeguard asks you if you are part of the race... you are WAY off course!! My garmin shows me soing 1.9 miles rather than 1.6! Gah!

Overall the bike course is stunningly beautiful. Rolling hills and green green scenary, and then some giant hills thrown in just for fun! Luckily i had fair warning about Sugarloaf and the other hills was and mentally prepared for them. What I had not thought about is how fast you go on the way down. I was hitting some pretty high speeds which is definitely something we dont get to experience here in South Florida.

I am always happy to get off the bike and start running. It's a relief to know that i survived the swim, had no mechanicals on the bike so it is down to me and my legs! The run was a 4 mile loop and then a 4.5 loop.. then repeat. The course was fairly lonely as many FULL ironman participants were still out on the bike but the male leader did pass me and I also saw the female 140.6 leader looking strong. Overall I felt pretty good and stuck with my plan and just chugged along thru the miles and finally made it to that finish chute!

It is always confusing on a TRI as you cannot really tell who is on what loop but the guy who came in right behind me said i placed first!! Best part about coming in first... NO LINE FOR THE MASSAGE TABLE!!


Finish time 7 Hours 56 Minutes - 1st place Overall

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