My big plan is to stay with my pacer John for the first half of the race and then see how I am feeling. He is supposed to get us in right around 4 hours. He was keeping a great pace so I kept with it. About mile 20 he seemed to start picking it up or maybe I was slowing down.... I started falling a little behind but then as I came back towards Ft Laud I saw my amazing Road Warrior team mates, Cristy, Bree and Diane. They had completede the half and then come back up to run me in the last couple of miles. As we came back on to the beach there was no longer any buildings to shade us and it was HOT! I was SO happy the girls were with me. They kept me going. I knew that if I could keep up the same pace I was goign to finish right around my goal of 4 hours. I was SO tired but I knew at this point if I started to walk it would just take me even longer to get to the finish line. At the bottom of the beach I saw my husband and kids, and the rest of my family and friends waiting and waving for me, and then down thru the finish shute and thru the finish line!!

I ran the 26.2 miles in 3:59:37 minutes. I was thrilled to get under 4 hours!
I placed 5th in my age group. Average pace per mile 9:09


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