As I stood at the start line I wondered if I was getting my hopes up too high. It was only 3 weeks to the day since I ran the MIami Marathon and missed my Boston Qualifying time by 69 seconds! I felt recovered but wondered if I be OK as I got further in to the race. This time Wayne had kindly offered to pace with me. The first mile was the usual obsticle course dodging around walkers who for whatever reason feel the need to start in one of the front corals... but after that we got into a stead pace around 8:20min/miles. Each mile marker I would check our GPS watches and pace bands and we were staying about 2 minutes ahead of our goal time... which was good. I did NOT want to cut it as close as I did in Miami! By mile 19 I was starting to get tired but knew once I made it to mile 20 it would be a countdown to the finishline. I really think it helps being on a course that I know so well. I knew the exact distances as I reached the top of the beach. It seemed like we were keeping a good pace and passing a significant ampount of people those last couple of miles. I was hurting pretty bad by now but we were still over a minute ahead of time and knew as long as we could stay at at least a 9 min/mile we would make it. Wayne helped out by dumping cold water over me one time and encouraging me to RUN FOR BOSTON!

I started looking for my husband and kids cheering for me by 5th street. He had no idea we were about 2 minutes behind the clock and thought I was going to miss it again - he was yelling RUN! Then I saw a CROWD of people in red shirts! The Road Warriors waiting for me with giant neon signs! As we came up they started running with us. They also were not sure of our current chip time but Wayne assured then we were going to make it... they cheered even louder and we all ran teh last few hundred yards was the best feeling ever!

I ran the 26.2 miles in 3 hours, 44 minutes and 37 seconds, with an average pace of 8:34 a mile - qualifying me for the BOSTON MARATHON!! My dream come true!


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