JULY 31, 2011

Well, I don't do a lot of smaller races and I don't usually create a pcage for them, but this one deserved one as for the first time ever (in Triathlon) I placed FIRST in my age group!
Race morning I felt good. It was warm but we knew that.. JULY in South Florida!! Got to the race on time and plenty of time to do all my set up. I am in WAVE 3 which was Age 30-39 women and men!! Not sure whose idea that was but...
Felt OK on the swim. It always feels so LONG!  The water was pretty warm but I just tried not to think about it. Was a bit rough at the beginning with everyone trying to fight there way out. I also had a green hat swimmer plough head first in to me around the last bouy. She had gone way off course.

Bike it looked liked I was going kinda slow.. looking at my computer but I was passing a fair few people, men and women. Once I turned around I realzied there was a bit of a head wind. LOVED my new aerobar bottle. Much easier to take a sip of water every now and then. And at the water bottle exchange I just dumped a new one in there. I passed and was passed by the same guy about 10 times!! It is hard to judge where you are on a course like this with 2 loops plus there were people doing the sprint etc. I knew that only 1 girl passed me on the bike but had no idea how many were in front of me just because they are faster swimmers.

Smooth transition in to the run. Hands down the BEST water stops ever on this course. Ice cold water with ICE in it!! Awesome. I actually felt fine, I had a bandana for my face and my fuel belt. I was hot for sure but it was shady. I often run slightly later in morning so I don't mind the heat too much. At the end of the first loop I stupidly went straight. Last year there was a large loop and then you went past the entrance and did a small loop... well I guess this year the loop was longer. All of a sudden I see I am going to the finish line... I realized my mistake and turned around and start hollering a the spectators to see where the turnaround was. It was only about 40 feet behind me so not too bad but still a stupid mistake!! So off I went for another loop. At the far turnaround I now get to see the runners that are right behind me. I see a girl about my age who looks like she is running a pretty good pace..she is just a little behind me. Sure enough about 1/2 mile before the end she tries to pass me. I drop behind her and try to look at the age on her leg. I cannot read it as is rubbing off. I am right on her heels. So she said something to me I didn't understand so I asked her what age group she was in. She said something in spanish. So I asked her in Spanish how old she was!! She said 35. I stayed next to her for a few seconds while I thought what to do. If it came down to a 100 yard sprint I would most likely struggle as I am NOT a sprinter. I decided to just pick up the pace, and hope that she did not stay with me. So i did.. and thank goodness she dropped behind me. I took 1 quick look as I turned back into the finish area and she was safely behind me. I ended up beating her by 16 seconds! I had no idea that I gotten first n my age group! SO glad I managed to find that last little push as I would have been mad to get beaten that way.. especially after my screw up on the turnaround.

I finished in 2 hours 37 minutes
8th (out of 66) woman overall
Age Group Place FIRST (out of 11 women)

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