We did our usual Miami Marahton carpool to the race. On our way down everyone was very supportive but I really did not know if I was aiming too high. I was so scared that if I went out at the faster pace I would hit the notorious WALL in the last couple of miles.

Denise had kindly offered to pace with me. We set off at our 8:30 pace. The first mile was HOT, CROWED and also the big hill going over the MacArther Causeway. Once we got thru that though we settled in to a pretty nice pace. I love the first half of the rrace right up the front of South Beach. I felt OK. I was really doing this!! About mile 17 or so we definiteyl started slowing down. Denise admited she had cramps in her legs. I was tired too but then I saw we were coming up to the RIckenbecker bridge section. I knew this was the last loop before the home stretch. I took my last GU and headed off without Denise down the Rickenbecker. I felt pretty good... I used to train down here all the time and knew the road well. As I came off the bridge in to Downtown miami I started looking for people I might know. Wondering if anyone from teh half marathon would come out on teh course to run me in. I saw coach Robert from Road Runners. He had finished the race but was joining another runner right in front of me. I push a little faster to catch up with them and ran with them up thru Brickel Avenue. I saw Diane who cheered for me - I yelled back "I am going to Boston!" I kept checking mjy watch... I was going to make it. The final bridge is very small but at mile 25 it seems like a MOUNTAIN! I was SO tired. I made it up and around the final corner. As we looked towards the finish line I could see how far down it was. I looked at my watch, less than 2 minutes remaining. I was NOT going to make it. I couldn't believe it! I wanted to stop and just cry but instead I continuted on to the finish line.

I ran the 26.2 miles in 3 hours, 46 minutes and 08 seconds - I could not BELIEVE I missed it by 69 seonds!! I could not believe that I could ever run a faster marathon than I just ran. BUT I had to be happy.. this was a big PR for me. 5 whole minutes faster than I had previously ran even before kids and 10 minute faster than my last marathon.


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