Miami Man - Nov 11, 2013

I love the feeling when you get to the start line feeling confident that i had trained as well as I could...well considering I have to work and be a Mom too.. I had not cut any training sesions short. I had definitely put in some long sweaty ride/runs for this race and i felt ready.

The water was deemed wetsuit legal.. just! i didnt even let myself worry about it. I do not own a wetsuit, and never trained in one so even if someone handed me a free one I was not going to wear it but most people were wearing them for the added bouyancy! The swim course is actually 2 loops.. at the half way point you clamber out and run around a cone and hop back in a repeat it. At that half way point a lot of people were talking their wetsuits off as they were getting warm. I finished the 1.2 miles in 42 minutes which is good for this non swimmer! There was a shockingly small amount of bikes on the rack when i made it back to transition.

The bike course is known to be windy and this year it was also rainy! We stayed with the Olympic distance for an out and back course and then us half ironmaners did a loop at the far end of that course. The wind started picking up as we did that loop and then we rode back IN to the wind the entire way back. I always love the bike part so I cruised a long feeling OK. I knew it would not be my fastest 56 mile ride but all participants were in the same wind so no one has any advantage!

The run is thru the zoo. A couple of secions on grass and very windy course. There were also a few people at the ZOO who occasionally walked in front of you as you were running which added some extra exciement! By this stage is was VERY hard to tell who had started in what wave, who was doing what distance and how I was doing compared to anyone else. I plugged along in the heat. I was proud to be wearing my new ZMOTION tri shorts and top. All of a suddent the top seemed unbearably hot. I took it over and was carrying it my hand and then threw it at the next familiar face which happened to be poor Sarah!

I was feeling OK and my pace was staying on track but I was definitely HAPPY to be on my 2nd loop for the run and therefore nearly finished. I was just starting to wonder where that finish chute was when I passed a little group enjoying what looked like a nice afternoon picnic.. turns out it was my friends Elaine, Dave, Diane and Tom who had already finished their Olympic distance race. They gave me a good cheer loud to get me in to the finish line. I was really not sure how I had done and when I checked the results print out I didnt see my name at all... but then I realized I was loooking at the OLympic distance!! I checked the 70.3 distance and I was FIRST in my age group! YAY! A great finish to my TRI season!

Finish time 5:18, 1st in my age group (women 35-39)

Swim 42:05, 13th - Bike 2:39, 1st - Run 1:53 2nd

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