Motivation Man - July 1, 2013

Well this was an adventure half iron if there ever was one! I had decided to do this race just a couple of days before. The weather was iffy at best but it was fun last year so I decided it would be a good long trainining day and as an added bonus a lot of friends were doing it. The first wave was Half iron men, then the ladies. As we started swimming I thought I was doing really well as I saw a lot of blue swim caps around me. I finally made it to the first buoy but as I turned to go around the buiy I was being swept under it and got caught in the rope. Eventually got past there and headed for buoy #2. As I was swimming I realized that the buoy was moving, being towed by a boat. I started to tread water and ask the life guard where I should be going. He looked confused and then another lifeguard started telling us to swim to the boat with the flashing lights. Now quite a few swimmers had stopped. A power boat came zooming in and we were then told to swim back to the dock... the swim was cancelled due to the strong rip current! People still looked confused but after a few seconds we realized that they were serious and we started heading back... but as we had been treading water the current had pushed us pretty far north of where we needed to be. In order to get back to the dock where I should get out I would have had to swim against the current around a large yacht. I realized that this was going to be a challenge. I am not nervous in the water but swimming is not my strong point! As I tried to make my way around I suddenly saw people climbing out on to the back of the boat... this struck me as being the best idea I had heard all morning so I headed that way. Even getting to that boat was tough and I was pretty happy to make it there. Some nice fellow triathlete helped me out of the water on to the boat where I found my friend Miranda! We then had to walk thru the boat and get back on to the dock and jog down the peer all the way back to transition. I was a little uncertain if the race was still going on but people were heading out on their bike so I grabbed mine and headed out! I have never been quite so happy to get on my bike!

The bike course for this race is SO flat and fast. it is great. There was a pretty large group of us that got caught together and everyone kept passing and then getting passed. I found myself at the front a few times and basically felt like I pulled on a group ride for several miles! I tried my best not to draft and stay out of that pack. I saw Miranda on the bike several times as we passed each other. It ended up being my fastest ever bike time 2:29. There was less wind than the previous year which helped as I really had not been cycling too much beore this race.

I came off the bike to go out on the run and my socks were GONE from my shoes! I quickly ran over to my kit bag and found my spare pair. 13.1 miles in sweaty hot sneakers and no socks did not sound fun! While I was digging for the socks I saw my iPod. I hardly ever wear one in a race but with all the confusion it hardly felt like a race any more so I grabbed it and headed out. The run was WAY better than last year. TONS of water stations. Ice, cold sponges, water, gatorade.. it was great. I chugged with no real goal in mind. It was hard to tell where everyone was as the swim had been so messed up so I just found a pace and stayed there. The run is 2 loops of a course that has 2 turnarounds. I could see Gina Donato gaining on me every time I turned around and sure enough about mile 10 she stormed on by! I am a sore loser but I knew there was no way I could attempt to keep that pace so I contined on my current pace. I actually felt good.. tired but nothing hurting and although it was hot it was not bothering me that much. I was pretty pleased with 1:47 and my overall race all things considered and definitely a race to remember!

Final results were based on the BIKE and RUN only giving me 1st in my 35-39 age group and I think 5th female overall
but ultimately the results were all over the place as everyone did differeny distances for the swim.
Being that I was racing myself it didn't really matter to me.

SWIM 35:03 - T1 1:31 - BIKE 2:29 - T2 2:11 - RUN 1:47

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