My first full marathon since the birth of my 2 children. Sarah age 22 months and Ian age 8 months. I felt good but really wished I had time for just a few more weeks of training! I stood at the start line with Jen who is running her first ever 1/2 marathon, and Lance who was running his first full. We had met Lance at our hotel and he was looking to run the same pace as us so...
The weather was beautiful and the course is very scenic if not a little lonely after the majority of running finish a the half way point. My husband met me at mile 25 or so with the stroller so that I could push the kids in the last mile. Sarah thought that was a lot of fun!

I ran the 26.2 miles in 4 hour and 23 minutes. I placed 218 overall and 15th (out of 37) in my age group.


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