Vista View 360 - January, 2015

So here I am 2 years later back at the start line of the Vista View 360. I dont know why this race intruiges me so much. Ultimately we are running in 1.25 mile circles for 6 HOURS! but it is kinda cool that you get to see people throughout the entire race. This year there were about 70 solo runners and lots of teams which comprised of 4 persons.

It is pitch dark at the start so we stumbled around setting up camp. I bumped in to a few familiar faces but it was not until we stood at the start line that I saw my friend Michele. It was great to see her but I also knew that she is a very good ultra runner and would no doubt give me a run for my money, literally!

We set off in the dark flash lights in hand. It is a very hilly park as it used to be an old trash dump. There are several gradual hills and then a very large hill in the back which we had to run up. I plodded along happily. It is a nice park to run in away from traffic. There is really no RACING at this point as we have 6 hours to run as many loops as I could! Although it was a loop I made the decision to wear my fuel belt and just stop every few loops to refill rather than stopping every loop to grab water. After a while I put on my ipod. It was not working! I spent about 2 laps fiddling with it before I declared it dead. AWesome. A 6 hour ultra with no ipod. I debated tackling one of the relay runners and taking theirs!!

I ran pretty consistently till about mile 30. The hill in the back was starting to feel bigger and bigger. Some supporters said it was best to walk up that hill and conserve energy. I decided this was a GREAT idea! I walked up it the next couple of loops and then Michelle zooms past me as I am walking! I had no idea if she was actually in front or behind me as I had not seen her in quite a few loops but either way I didnt want to be lapped! I trucked on and reconsidered my new walking up the hill plan!

Next time around I stopped to fill bottles and someone calls out.. she is catching you! Sure enough Michelle was behind me but not far. I chuged along now trying to figure how many more loops i would have to do. Partial loops dont count. All of a sudden this guy who had been there supporting his friend offers to jump in and run with me. To be honest he may have been a halucination!! We ran loop 31 together. I was now at the same distance i had done here last time. 37 miles or so. As I can thru the start/finish again I figured I was done but everyone was cheering for me to do one more loop. I only had 12 minutes left and at the pace I was doing I was not sure if I could complete another loop but with legs screaming I set off... turns out that loop would not count as the clock was 6:02 when I got back but I got first place as I finished the 31 loops faster than Michelle who also completed 31.

We all won a pair of HOKA sneakers and also cash prizes which was awsome. Unfortunaltey it started POURING as soon as the race finished which literally rained on our party!
I know running in circles may sound like an odd way to spend my morning but I had a lot of fun!!

1st female finisher. 3rd overall finisher

31 loops completed - Total distance run 38.3 Miles!

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